Lehman College - Marcel Breuer Building

There’s a telling moment in the movie The Truman Show when the young, bright-eyed protagonist announces to his elementary school class that he wants to be an explorer. His wizened, matronly teacher points to the wall map and informs the boy, “You’re too late. There’s nothing left to explore!” Perhaps for this reason, the majority of artists in the exhibition here do not work with traditional maps but instead explore conceptual cartographies. Dannielle Tegeder’s “Impossible City: Neighborhoods, Lawnfiellisonia Wakmelongwood, Highbedhavenrose, Trempointwood and Throgville Island” is a road map of the internet installed directly onto the gallery wall with black industrial paint and colored pencils. Based on invented data, it playfully visualizes the virtual infrastructure that has become so well-traveled in the Information Age.

-Excerpt from Hyper Allergic