In Between the Lines: de Campos Library Project was an intervention that utilized a traditional public forum for sharing information: the New York Public Library. Consisting of
black sheets of paper with cutout sections corresponding to the blocks of printed text from books of Augusto de Campos’s poetry, Tegeder’s drawings were inserted into volumes of his work, which belonged to public libraries across the city. The configurations of the cutouts revealed select letters and words while obscuring others, thus changing the meaning of the poems themselves. De Campos is a Brazilian writer and one of the founders of Concrete poetry. In keeping with the style of the movement, Tegeder’s treatment of the
text ostensibly generated new poetry from de Campos’s own, and in the process, the artist created a series of elegant reductive drawings that stand alone as original artworks.that stand alone as original artworks. 

Video showing the process of installing work in the De Campos books at the New York Public Library

de campos blackout poem stencil piece.jpg
De campos installation shot.jpg