IbadDalian (Isreal-Oman): White Winter City with Dot lower Tunnel Routes, Love Circle Production Expulsion Center, with five station Route, Twin Station Igloo Housing, with New Central Hospital and Lace Grid Station, multiple Box Square Hotel Housing and 27 circle; Storage from Above Ground and Below Ground; and Sideways color coding Grid, with Yellow Triangle Training Center , 2005,  Ink, dye, pencil, design marker, acrylic, and gouache on Fabriano Murillo paper 56 x 60 in. (152.4 x 142.2 cm)
  Nocturnalia: City with multi-stations, and Gold palace with triangle Forested Oval Garden, Electric and Water tower with Nuclear Route Ellipse; with Excavation Safety Areas and Diamond Structure with Circle Plan Streamers and Capsule Rooms with Nighttime Above Ground, Ground Section with Tri Level Escape Route and Bottomless Net, with Three Triangle Convent; with Ellipse Station, Silver Expulsion with Dangling Trailer Habitats with Failing Escape Route and Bottom Dangling Chrysalis with Male Center Production Headquarters, and Center Production area and Human Habitat Station , 2005, Ink, dye, pencil, design marker, acrylic, gouache on Fabriano Murillo paper, 56 x 80 in.
  Alitpia: Community Under Construction with Jumbo Love Dot Boiler; Six Safety Vessel Stations, Containing Habitats and Rainbow Structures; Five Square Two High Rises; Dangling Safety Chrysalis; Abandoned Oz City; Side Room with Circle Storage Nexus Interconnecting Underground Transportation Network with Abandoned Square Tower , 2004,  Ink, watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, felt-tip pen, synthetic polymer paint, and gouache on paper,   55 1⁄4 x 79 in. (140.3 x 200.7 cm)
  Chocolate Utopian Underground City with Yellow Inner Structure Station with Square Grid under Construction Safety Chrysalis and Abandon Square Habitat with White Expulsion Area and Central White Mine Tunnel Transportation Center , 2003,  Ink, watercolor, pencil, colored pencil, felt-tip pen, synthetic polymer paint, and gouache on colored paper,   54 1⁄2 x 78 5/8 in. (138.4 x 199.4 cm)
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